Let’s see…QB Daniel Jones Check!  WRs…Sterling Shepard, Golden Tate, Darius Slayton Check!  TEs…Evan Engram, Rhett Ellison, Kayden Smith Check!
Not much need with these three position groups.  But, will the Giants grab a WR at some point?

When you think of the Giants, these positions are well stocked already.  OK, maybe we can use a WR that can stretch the field.  I see WR as a 3rd or 4th priority for GM Dave and Coach Judge.

Many of the draft pundits say the WRs in this class is a very strong group.  It is quite likely that the Giants can find another diamond in the mid-rounds like Darius Slayton.

Let’s recap Dave Gettleman’s and Joe Judges’ Press Conferences

Joe Judge:  “You learn the system.  You demonstrate your value.  We’ll find a way to use you.”


Joe went first on Tuesday.  I watched him on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football.  Joe’s intense, direct, and politely declines to discuss individual players on the Giants.  He appeared on Sirius XM’s NFL Radio a little later.  Same intensity, same directness and again politely declined to discuss individual players on the Giants.  Then Joe met the media at the Combine.  Yep, you guessed it.  Same intensity, same directness and again politely declined to discuss individual players on the Giants.  His best line was pointing to the Combine Background board saying,

“Our depth chart’s on that board right now.”  Joe emphasized all the players on the Giants have a “clean slate.”

He also emphasized “team”.  So, it’s no surprise that Joe is staying to his message, “Team first, Clean Slate, Compete for playing time, Earn it.” Joe spent a lot of time discussing his staff, praising his staff as teachers, coaches, and builders of great relationships with players.  As for the draft, Joe said they are focused on finding smart, tough players willing to learn and contribute in multiple ways to the team.

Dave Gettleman:  “We’re open for business.”


Dave followed immediately after Joe on the same podium.  Dave praised Joe for the way he went about building his staff.  Dave also followed up on Joe’s message of the team first, a clean slate and no mentions of any individual players that may have positions locked up.

Regarding trading down from the 4th pick, Dave said, “We’re open for business.”

He also said the Giants would take the best available player.  Dave reiterated his belief that you use free agency to get to the ability to draft the best available player.  To me, that means we’ll be using the $75M available Cap space to plug some holes in the secondary (CB and/or FS), maybe an ILB, backup RB, or Edge rusher.

Dave said part of the Giants’ problem is lack of veteran leadership.

They want good role models as well as great ability.  Dave said, “You don’t want to draft for need.”

Both people were totally non-committal to not only their players but also to draft prospects.

Joe Cool…or Cool to Joe?

So, for some reason, the media created this mountain out of Joe’s molehill.  The speculation that followed Joe and Dave refusing to highlight any individual Giants was way overboard.  Joe said many times that he doesn’t want to get into any “hypothetical” discussions.  The mainstream media was asking us fans if Joe’s cut and dry style will work in New York/New Jersey.  As for Joe Judge’s handling of the media, here’s how I see it: It’s definitely a little bit Nick Saban and a bit more Bill Belichick.  Very rarely do these two icons single out individual players in media sessions?  It’s always about the team.  Joe’s more polite than his mentor Bill (right now).  But, he’s also very consistent with his message.


Call me old school, but this is the time of the football year to say less and look and listen more.  No respectable GM or HC is willing to telegraph any moves right now.  Every team is looking to keep their picks secret, their free-agent plans quiet.  Shock waves will come with roster cuts, maybe a trade or two, then free-agent signings.  Dave and Joe are doing this right.

We Wish You Well, Alec Ogletree and Kareem Martin

Speaking of shock waves, the Giants waived Alec and Kareem on Wednesday.  These moves were not necessarily shocking to most fans.  Alec had a down year in 2019 compared to his 2018 season.  He seemed lost and out of position on pass plays.  A lot has been said about the scheme is difficult to play in.  Alec played 13 games in each of his two seasons for the Giants.  But every stat line for 2019 was significantly less than in 2018.  Maybe it was changing his number from 52 in 2018 to 47 in 2019.  Thanks, Alec.

Kareem Martin also came to the Giants in 2018.  Unfortunately, Kareem only played in 5 games last year with barely any contribution to the defense.  Kareem was a student of James Bettcher’s defense while in Arizona, and came to the Giants to help the players learn the system.  Now that the coaching staff is overhauled, it was only a matter of time for Kareem.  With these two cuts, the Giants gained over $13M in Cap room which increases available Cap space to $75M.

Up Next


Friday’s Combine position groups will be an offensive lineman and running backs.  Saturday and Sunday are all Defense.  My guess the Giants staff takes time out from installing the 2020 systems and scheme to watch all the O-line drills.

As Dave said, we need a solid line in front of our QB (read Daniel Jones) to allow him the opportunity to learn how to be an NFL quarterback.  I’ll agree with most of the pundits that we need a left tackle…badly.  Maybe two tackles…and a center.

I think we have our guards in Kevin Zeitler and Will Hernandez.  I’d love to see Nick Gates get a shot.

Hey, everybody’s got a clean slate, right?

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