As the baseball world knows, the Houston Astros cheated during the 2017 season and postseason, and are assumed to have cheated during the 2018 and 2019 seasons.
They electronically stole signs and could have used buzzers on players’ bodies to signal what pitches the opposing pitchers were throwing, giving the Astros’ hitters a distinct advantage over the other team.

The Yankees faced the Astros in the American League Championship Series in both 2017 and 2019, and the Yankees very well could have made it to the World Series in both of those years. They came one win away from a World Series berth in 2017 and two wins away in 2019.

If the Astros did not cheat, who knows if the Yankees could have won the World Series one of those two years?

A few Yankees have been very outspoken on how this makes them feel, and some Yankees feel cheated and disappointed in the Astros.

Former Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, who just retired after last season, was the first Yankee to come out and say he felt cheated out of at least one more World Series title.

Not being a player on a team, CC can be a lot more outspoken than others, and he does not tend to hold back when something bothers him.

Another Yankees pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka, also said that he felt cheated out of a World Series win.

Tanaka was an insanely important part of the last three playoff runs and believes he should have a ring to show for it. The Yankees were on fire in both 2017 and 2019 and were shut down by a team that cheated.

Gleyber Torres was very upset to learn that the Astros cheated, and came out of the shell of his pretty reserved self and gave some very strong comments on the Astros.

For Gleyber to come out and say that a team disrespected baseball, he must have been not even a little understanding with the Astros. They cheated, and he is not happy about it and he will let everyone know.

Torres also admitted to cheating. This cheating, however, was while he played video games with fellow Yankees teammate Luis Severino.

A light-hearted analogy, but this does not mean Gleyber is any less unhappy with the Astros.

Maybe cover the controller the next time you guys play, Sevy.

DJ LeMahieu also commented on the Astros scandal, saying that he is disappointed in them.

He said it in the same way a parent says they are not angry but disappointed in their child. LeMahieu carries himself differently than many players, not really showing a ton of emotion, but no matter what, he is still loved by Yankees fans no matter how reserved he is. For him to even comment on this situation, shows how displeased he is with the Astros.

He may not have been on the Yankees back in 2017, but he was in 2019, and the Astros still could have cheated that season too.
LeMahieu may have been cheated out of at least a World Series appearance, and he is disappointed with the team that cheated.

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