Miguel Andujar missed all but twelve games in 2019 but is making a comeback to play in 2020.
With the way Gio Urshela played in 2019, it puts the Yankees in a difficult position as to who will start the year at third base.

Should they ride Gio Urshela’s hot hand from last season, or should a player who could be a huge part of the future get the start?

Well, the Yankees may have found a solution not many have really thought of: playing Andujar in the outfield.

As cool as this would be, the Yankees outfield is just as stacked as their infield. Yes, it is a very difficult decision to decide between Urshela and Andujar, but it may be even more difficult to choose outfielders if Andujar is added to the list.

Aaron Judge is the starting right fielder in 2020, and hopefully, for the rest of his career, no questions asked. If he’s healthy, he’s in right field. Centerfield is most likely going to be Brett Gardner to start off 2020 since Aaron Hicks will be out for quite some time recovering from his surgery.

Giancarlo Stanton usually will be the designated hitter but could be slotted in at left field when playing in a National League stadium. Hopefully, he stays healthy this season, because, like Andujar, he was out for most of the season, missing all but eighteen games.

And here is where it gets tricky.

Even after that star-studded list of outfielders, two still remain: Mike Tauchman and Clint Frazier.  Andujar took reps in left field, where Tauchman, Frazier, Stanton, and Gardner could all play.

Depending on how Spring Training goes, with Stanton as the DH, and Gardner at center, that still leaves Aaron Boone to choose from Mike Tauchman, who was integral to the Yankees’ success last season, Clint Frazier, who hopefully can play the way he did when he was up with the Yankees last season, and Miguel Andujar, who’s bat is insane.

It would be pretty weird to see Andujar in the outfield, and it most likely will not happen, but, there’s nothing that says it definitely won’t happen.
Hopefully, the right players will start at third base and in the outfield, and the Yankees will do just fine.

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