The Mets rollercoaster of an off-season seems to be far from over.
The sale of the Mets to billionaire Steve Cohen is dead.

The deal had reportedly fallen through because of various reasons, Cohen was planning on buying an 80% stake in the Mets and would have taken control of the team for over $2 billion dollars. 

This deal falling apart at the last minute proves to be another pitfall in this very long offseason.

The Wilpons have been a thorn in many a Mets fan’s sides for a long time.

Between them losing money in the Madoff Ponzi Scheme to them refuses to pay franchise players the Wilpons have run out of their goodwill among their fan base. Not selling to Cohen should be the last straw for this fanbase.

This is a potential PR disaster if the deal does completely fall apart which at this point seems probable. Mets fans aren’t reacting well to the news that Cohen might not be the team’s new owner. Take one look at #MetsTwitter and it is very easy to see that the fan base is absolutely infuriated. There is nothing the Wilpons can do to fix their relationship with Mets fans. 

The relationship between the Wilpons and Mets fans is irreparably damaged, and something needs to be done. The Wilpons NEED to sell the team.
If it’s not to Steve Cohen then to another owner who will actually invest in this team and the fanbase. 

Featured Image: Frank Franklin II/AP Photo 
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