The Mets will have a new majority owner in the near future. His name is Steve Cohen. He reportedly wants to win.

With that said, it is time for the Mets to extend Michael Conforto.

Conforto is coming off arguably his best and most productive season in 2019. He played in 151 games in 2019, hitting .257 with 33 home runs, and 92 RBIs. 2019 was Conforto’s second season in a row of playing 150 plus games. 

Conforto has also proven he can hit for consistent power. Since 2017 he has hit 88 home runs. It’s not just his power he brings to the table. In both 2018 and 2019, Conforto had over 80 walks.  For his career, Conforto has 109 home runs with 310 RBIs and a .253 batting average with a 12.8 WAR.  

A Mets lineup with Conforto and fellow power hitter and Rookie of the Year, Pete Alonso could be very deadly for the foreseeable future. That is another thing Conforto brings to the table, protection in the middle of the order for Pete Alonso.  

The one possible problem with Conforto has been his defense. Though it is not that bad. Conforto has had a negative DWAR the past few seasons, but it is not horrible. From watching him play on a nightly basis his defense is fine, not bad, and not good. 

With Cespedes’ contract off the books after 2020, the Mets should strongly consider paying Conforto to keep him in orange and blue for the future. This SNY article has analysts predicting a six-year extension for $65 million. Which would have Conforto making about $10.3 million per season. But, with Conforto’s 2019 season I think a seven-year $105 million contract would be fair.

This contract would pay Conforto $15 million per season. That is a few million more than the analysists predictions, but with what Conforto brings to the Mets both on and off the field I think this is a fair deal.

This contract would also allow the Mets flexibility if they wanted to extend Syndergaard, Rosario, Stroman, or in the future Pete Alonso. 

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