The internet is plastered with an overload of trade rumors. Sifting through those rumors can be hard, especially when parody accounts are behind them or the fan trade proposals are mistaken for truth.

The interesting thing about all these speculations for Yankees fans is that Miguel Andujar is almost always the centerpiece of the trade rumors on the Yankee side of the mythical transaction.

How realistic is it to assume Andujar could demand trade packages such as these?

While those trade suggestions come from “blue checkmarks,” they are still just speculation. More concerning are the trade suggestions from fans suggesting huge trades revolving around Andujar.

Can Andujar really be the type of player to reel in assets like Francisco Lindor or Corey Kluber or Kyle Schwarber?

His offensive numbers suggest a high ceiling, especially considering he produced a 130 OPS+ in his first full season, finishing second in Rookie of the Year voting.

His defense is truthfully terrible, and they do not much need to beat that dead horse more than we already have. He is bad at defense and he is coming off a shoulder injury. Sure he can improve, but is going from a -25 RDRS to maybe a -15 RDRS a heroic improvement?

And what kind of upgrade would Schwarber be? The similarities are actually quite eerie. Just like Andujar, Schwarber finished his rookie season with a 130 OPS+. Also, identical to Andujar, Schwarber’s sophomore campaign ended with an injury. Finally, they are both bad defenders, but Schwarber’s defensive ineptness was mildly hidden out in the left field.

After Schwarber returned from injury, he has hit 94 home runs with a .829 OPS. If that is any indication of what a healthy Andujar can accomplish when he returns from injury, wouldn’t it be smart for the Yankees to just hold onto their young third basemen.

In regards to Lindor, the Yankees would have to really unload their farm system to land a franchise shortstop that has been one of the faces of baseball while finishing in the top-15 for MVP voting the last four seasons.

Which clubs are willing to shed proven talent for an injured should-be DH that has yet to showcase his skills for 162 total games?

Trading Andujar would be different than trading a top prospect for an aging veteran in a contract year. Lindor is not a free agent until 2022 and neither is Schwarber.

Not to mention, Yankees fans are about Andujar’s future, but the current third basemen do not project to be a franchise corner infielder. Gio Ursehla had a very hot start to the season, but Urshela’s future as an above-average third baseman is not guaranteed, especially considering the -1.1 WAR he accumulated during his three previous seasons before joining the Yankees.

The point is, Andujar’s value does not align with the current trade speculations. He needs to prove himself again to demand such high returns.
If he does return to the 2018 version of himself, the Yankees would be foolish to unload that much talent on a pre-arbitration contract.

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- Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA
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