Earlier on in the week, rumors leaked that the Browns may trade Odell Beckham Jr. if they continue to struggle for wins.

Odell, spending his first season in Cleveland after being traded by the Giants in the offseason, is having similar issues he faced in his last few games as a Giant. His potential is being limited and he isn’t receiving the targets he needs to be successful at the WR position.

Would the Giants even entertain the idea of reuniting Odell with the New York market? Probably not.

Dave Gettleman wouldn’t trade him just to ask for him back, and he traded him more because of his off the field issues, not his talent.

But let’s say (hypothetically) that Gettleman gets canned and a new GM takes over, could the Giants use Odell back in Giants blue? Sterling Shepard’s concussion problems this early in his career is always a scary thing, Golden Tate hasn’t played too much but seems like a decent addition, and Slayton seems like he’s built to be a WR2. The Giants do in fact need a WR1, and Odell would be the perfect target for a young QB like Daniel Jones in what would be his sophomore season.

It’s clear that the defense needs help, which is probably what Gettleman will focus on in the draft (or at least we hope). The WR1 position will likely come down to FA, where Gettleman or our next GM will have plenty of money to spend, where he can acquire another target for Daniel Jones to throw to.

If nothing is available in free agency, trading back for Odell might not be the worst idea.

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