For the past few days, certain teams in the NHL sent their prospects to participate in the Traverse City NHL Prospect Tournament in Michigan.
At this tournament, some of the leagues’ top prospects can show off their talent and give a glimpse to fans of what these prospects can look like on their respective teams.

The New York Rangers went through a fast rebuild and acquired quite a few young players and prospects. The Rangers also had high picks at the past NHL Draft, giving this team a good advantage of rebuilding faster. The Rangers prospects went to perform at this tournament that ran from September 6th through September 10th. The team finished in 5th place out of the eight teams. The Rangers finished the tournament with a 3-1 record.

The Rangers prospects played well, but some players stood out more than others. The prospects that stood out the most were Kaapop Kakko, Adam Fox, and Vitali Kravtsov. Kaapo Kakko had a jaw-dropping goal in overtime to give the Rangers a victory. Adam Fox finished the tournament with 2 goals. Vitali Kravtsov finished the tournament with two goals as well.

These three players have been anticipated by fans to see how each could perform for the Rangers. All three stood out during this tournament because whenever one was on the ice, these players made their presence noticeable. Kaapo Kakko missed three games, two for illness and one as a rest day.

Although missing three games, Kakko still made his presence clear. The overtime goal by Kaapo Kakko shows what this prospect can bring to the team. The goal showed Kakko skating around a bunch of different players and waiting until the right angle was there for a goal. Kakko proved to be a strong, fast-thinking, and quick player with this goal.

This tournament gave fans the chance to see how some of these anticipated prospects can play. Rangers fans have a lot of expectations with this new team, after being completely rebuilt, and these young players can be the main factor in the teams’ success.

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