The Yankees have had some trouble with their pitching this year, and it has been very evident. After the trade deadline had passed, Cashman did not bring in any reinforcements, so it has been up to their current rotation to step up. Even with their bright spots, the rotation has not had the best year.

One player who has consistently given the Yankees’ some problems this season has been J.A. Happ. In 129 innings this season, Happ has a 5.58 ERA and a 1.372 WHIP, which is simply not what is needed when trying to keep the Yankees at the top of both the AL East and the MLB.

However, there really is no other pitcher to start in place of Happ.

The Yankees’ rotation right now consists of Domingo German, Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton, CC Sabathia, J.A. Happ, and the occasional opener. Hopefully, this will not be the rotation the Yankees go into the postseason with.

As of late, starting pitcher Luis Severino and relief pitcher Dellin Betances have made progress in their rehab to come back from their injuries.

Severino has started throwing in simulated games;

And so has Betances;

If and when these two key pitchers come back, the Yankees will have gotten their reinforcements. It would be as if they traded for two pitchers at the deadline, and they just start pitching later in the year.

If all goes well when Severino and Betances come back, the Yankees will have two fresh arms going into the postseason, and this will hopefully result in Happ being taken out of the rotation.

In 2018, Severino had a Cy Young caliber first half of the season. When the second half rolled around, the Yankees’ ace struggled a bit and ended up without the Cy Young. Severino pitching late this year would basically be his first half, so he may be able to have a 2018 first half-type performance in September and October.

Betances would bring another reliever into the bullpen, and an amazing one at that, if Betances is his dominant self. This will bring the Yankees’ stacked bullpen to another level, with another all-star caliber reliever being added.

Hopefully, Severino and Betances come back as soon as possible, allowing them to get in a groove before the postseason begins.

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