Aaron Judge has been in a bit of a slump as of late.

From July 14th to August 14th, Aaron Judge has been batting .228, with 26 hits in 114 at-bats, 42 strikeouts in that time, and has three home runs and eleven runs batted in in that time.

The Yankees’ star right fielder knows he is in a slump, and he has kept his head up.

However, this slump could not have come at a better time. Regardless of how Aaron Judge has done lately, the Yankees keep winning games with their “next man up” mentality.

From July 14th to August 14th, the Yankees have a record of 22-9, and they have been absolutely rolling. The Yankees are atop the American League East with an 81-41 record, and are in a position to be the best team in Major League Baseball if they continue on this path. They are tied for the best record in the MLB with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Aaron Judge also has just had a rough go of it. He consistently hits baseballs very hard, but they go directly to the fielders.

Judge is consistently amazing in all of these Statcast stats except for outfielder jump, so one should not worry when it comes to this slump.

This slump could not have come at a better time for both the Yankees and Aaron Judge. The rest of the team has been able to pick up their game and keep winning games, and it is much better that Judge is struggling now in July and August rather than in September into October.

Hopefully come September, Aaron Judge will be the threat in the lineup that we all know him to be.

Featured Image: Kathy Willens - Associated Press
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