Things have changed since I had called Madison Bumgarner the “ideal candidate for a trade the Yankees should make.” on June 14th. The San Francisco Giants have been on a tear, and Marcus Stroman has been amazing since then.

On June 14th, Bumgarner had a 3.83 ERA, a 1.611 WHIP, a .256 BAA and striking out 84 batters, while also giving up 13 home runs in 87 innings pitched. Marcus Stroman had a 3.18 ERA, a 1.312 WHIP, 68 strikeouts, a .255 BAA and has given up 7 home runs and 87 hits over 87.2 innings.

Stroman has most likely become the most sought after starter over the course of the second half, especially with the Giants doing as well as they are.

The Giants were most likely going to be sellers at the time, as they posted a 29-38 record. They now have a 52-51 record and have become less and less likely to sell.

Marcus Stroman has been amazing for the Blue Jays this year, and it seems that he is ready for a change of scenery with the way things have been going.


In this video, Stroman says that he is “…ready to dominate, wherever that may be. Absolutely dominate.”

Dominating is exactly what Stroman has been doing this season. So far, Stroman has vastly improved from his 3.18 ERA and 1.312 WHIP from earlier this season. He brought his ERA down to 2.96, good enough for third-best in the American League, and his WHIP is down to 1.227.

While Bumgarner has also pitched well as of late, the difference in their WAR is immense. Bumgarner’s WAR sits at 1.6, but Stroman has a WAR of 3.1, showing how important he is to his team.

Stroman also excels under pressure. Stroman was called upon by the Blue Jays in Game 5 of the ALDS in 2015, and Team USA started him in the final game of the World Baseball Classic.

In the ALDS, Stroman threw six innings, giving up only two runs and walking one batter, while striking out four. This was all after missing most of the 2015 season with a torn ACL.

In the World Baseball Classic final, Stroman did not give up any runs and did not give up any hits through the first six innings.

The managers of Team USA and the Toronto Blue Jays, Jim Leyland and John Gibbons, both knew that their guy was Marcus Stroman, and he delivered. When one is put into high-pressure situations and one proves that they deserved to be there, it should be seen and it should be respected. Both managers speak highly of Stroman, and the way both managers speak of him should also be recognized.

There is nothing but fight in Marcus Stroman, and if the Yankees were to trade for him, he would shine in the bright lights of New York City.

Featured Image: Troy Babbitt - USA Today Sports
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