The New York Rangers have their rivals, but their rivalry with the New Jersey Devils might be one of the strongest. The playoff history these two teams have is so fun and strong, it’s great to watch.

This past season the New York Rangers weren’t at their best. They missed the playoffs and finished seventh in their division with 78 points, but fans knew the rebuild that was about to come was going to be something special. As for their rival, the New Jersey Devils, that team was in the same boat. The Devils came in last in their division with only 72 points, the third-fewest in the league.

With both teams dealing with struggles, the intense rivalry that used to be there just didn’t feel as intense anymore. There was even a game between the two were fans chanted “we both suck”. Instead of the fights and cursing, the fans might have actually felt bad for each other. Fast forward to today, and both teams are rebuilding trying to make a push this upcoming season.

Both teams were the top two draft picks and their picks are already enough for a good start to the new season. With Jack Hughes and Kaapo Kakko, the young stars can contribute a lot to making these teams successful in the future. Both teams have also added impressive players such as P.K. Subban to the Devils and Artemi Panarin to the Rangers, adding a big name and getting a player that will actually improve the team.

The projection is that these Hudson rivals will do much better than this past season. With that being said, maybe with both teams doing well the rivalry might be reborn again. There might be more intensity, more fights, and a lot more energy not only from the teams but from fans too.

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