The New York Rangers have continued to grow this offseason. The rebuild has gone a lot better than most fans expected and it seems like this team is going through a lot of good changes.

Drafting Kaapo Kakko second overall, signing Jacob Trouba and Artemi Panarin, and also building their prospects is bringing this organization into a fast rebuild. There are many new players who can contribute to the team, and they might even help the team get far.

With that being said the addition of new players is always great, but the process of keeping or trading your current players is a whole different story.

Earlier this week, forward Pavel Buchnevich and defenseman Jacob Trouba both filed for salary arbitration. This means that both players sent in a salary amount and are waiting to see what the team comes up with as their salary, and what this means for the Rangers is that they can open up a second buyout window. The buyout window can become useful and helpful if the Rangers cannot clear cap space with trades.

Trouba has experienced this before and is familiar with the process. Rumors say Trouba will sign a seven-year-deal that could range from seven to eight million dollars. As Trouba approaches his first season with the Rangers there is a lot the two need to discuss. Trouba’s place in this team and their lineups has yet to be determined, but fans should expect to see good defense from him.

As for Buchnevich, rumors say the Rangers and the forward will reach an agreement as Buchnevich had an impressive last season and has been nothing but a fan favorite. This deal could range from two to three million dollars. Buchnevich is still a young player, but will continue to be a strong forward for this team.

Both players are coming off strong seasons and will continue to prove themselves. The Rangers have been making all the right moves so far which is exciting for fans.

Hearings for salary arbitration will be held from July 20 through August 4.

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