As the New York Rangers are looking at a rebuilding era, the organization has already made many huge changes. The team is basically dealing with a whole makeover.

One of the most recent changes is the announcement of the new president. Glen Sather stepped down as president on April 4th of this year. Replacing Sather with someone who can guide this organization in a strong, bright direction was needed.

On May 17th, the Rangers announced that former player John Davidson would take the role as president of the organization. Many fans know Davidson as a former goaltender for the Rangers and even a hockey broadcaster in the 1970s and ’80s. Davidson also served the role as president for other NHL teams such as the St. Louis Blues and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Davidson created a St. Louis Blues team that went from last place to being contenders in the playoffs. Davidson spent four years with the team and found talent in players such as Alex Pietrangelo, Vladimir Tarasenko, and Colton Parayko. When it came to the Columbus Blue Jackets, Davidson spent seven years there and led the team to four playoff appearances. Davidson is responsible for all the moves the Blue Jackets did at the deadline and creating a team that could sweep the Tampa Bay Lightning.

What could Davidson bring to the Rangers then? Well, as the new president Davidson might want to make a mark on this team. This means that he might get the organization involved in plenty of moves this offseason, plus the draft. Fans are speculating that the Rangers could go after certain stars in the league this offseason, and that could be what the team needs. Davidson is familiar with the organization which could be an advantage. After playing with the team and being a broadcaster, Davidson has a ton of knowledge on not only the Rangers but the sport of hockey itself.

The NHL Draft is June 21st and fans will get a sense of what to expect for this new season.

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