After the much highly anticipated 2019 NBA draft lottery, the Knicks end up with the third overall pick. Most of the fan base and media view this as a major disappointment. Even though the Knicks had a higher percentage to land the fifth pick, this isn’t a loss like many believe it is.

If the Knicks did get the #1 pick, that would have put a lot of stress on Steve Mills and Scott Perry to trade for Anthony Davis. Zion Williamson is one of the highest rated prospects entering the draft in recent memory. Many fans would want to trade for AD but there’s a strong faction wanting to keep Zion. Having the third pick eliminates that situation entirely making it easier to trade away if they decide to do so.

Picking third gives the Knicks two primary options: Ja Morant or RJ Barrett. Word out of the combine suggests the Memphis Grizzlies, who own the #2 pick, will draft Morant. Barrett was the top prospect entering last season before the Zion-Mania took over. Barrett can play off the ball and would be a good fit with Kevin Durant and another max-level superstar. In fact, Barrett’s game closely relates to Dwayne Wade. Their college stats are very similar. If Barrett projects anything close to Wade’s career, would Knicks’ fan turn that down?

Perry and Mills should leave no stone unturned as they move forward in rebuilding this franchise. They should learn from the past especially with the Carmelo Anthony trade. The Knicks have plenty first-round draft picks during the next several years they can utilize to build a contender.

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