There are sure to be some broken hearts still after the 4-1 playoff series defeat to the 76ers, but potentially that could have been the best thing that happened to the Nets and will put them in a good position for next season.

The Competitive Nature

We saw in the playoffs the competitive nature of both teams. The heated battles between Jared Dudley and Ben Simmons, With very little experience of playoff matchups for the Nets it was evident to see they were just not ready yet. While hopes were high when the Nets took game 1. 76ers knew how to respond and the Nets struggled to come out of their original game plan and adapt.

Player Development

We got a chance to see a side of Rodions Kurucs that we hadn’t seen all season. The side banter in his T-shirt “If he dies… he dies” Added some light in the playoffs and while there is still a lot he can do to develop his game, the playoffs would have been a massive helping hand to his development.

Reality Check

The Nets have gotten a very good core and the series would have been a massive reality check for the side on how good they’ve got to perform regularly throughout the season but also in the playoffs. It was a harsh lesson but I believe the Nets will come back stronger because of this defeat. Especially in the manner, it happened.

The offseason is crucial for the Nets, it may be the most important one for years. The rest, the added quality to the side and the preparation for next season will be massive in determining how next season pans out.

The excitement of having some cap space and a 1st round pick – Can the Nets go one better next season?

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