Happy Monday Devils fans! It definitely is not the same to be watching hockey without the Devils playing, but the playoffs have been super interesting so far!

Two big sweeps and two game sevens this week! This is going to be the last part of this interview series for a little bit, I am going to be working on some Jack Hughes and UFA articles over the next few weeks. But rest assured, the interview series will be back!

For my latest interview, I spoke with Greg (@ReversePants) and asked him a few questions…

Q: Who is your favorite player on the current roster? Why?

A: Greg – “Cory Schneider. He just has the best attitude and when stuff starts going downhill and he gets all the hate, he takes it in stride and hes really gotten his game back. (Also Im partially biased towards goalies).”

(Photo: Marc DesRosiers, Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports)

Q: If you had to get rid of one player today, who would you pick? Why?

A: Greg – “I would get rid of Drew Stafford. I’m sure he could do better somewhere else and he could be a trade piece.”

(Photo: Danielle Parhizkaran/Northjersey.com)

Q: Miles Wood’s performance seems to have been inconsistent this season. What are your thoughts on his play?

A: Greg – “Miles has great speed and could easily be a big asset to us but he needs to learn to stop and improve his hands. Maybe if he got the Pavel Zacha treatment and got sent down to Binghamton for a few games to send a message it could help.”

(Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

Q: Since going 0-4 in them this season, do you think the Heritage jerseys are bad luck? What’s your thoughts on them?

A: Greg – “The Heritage Jerseys are beautiful but we have ALWAYS struggled in the throwback jerseys. I feel we channel the devils of the 1980’s and we really didn’t play too well back then.”

(Photo Credit: www.nhl.com)

Q: Do you think Taylor Hall will re-sign with the Devils?

A: Greg – “Yes, he loves playing here and he wants to stay. I (and probably he) trusts Shero to build a contending team around him.”

Photo Credit: Codie McLachlan / Postmedia

Q: Now that it’s known what the Devils draft position is, who should Ray Shero pick?

A: Greg – “I’m fine with either but Kaapo has a cool name, and remember in 2017, Nico Hischier was projected to go second and Nolan Patrick has been riddled with injuries so if history repeats I won’t complain.”

Thanks Greg for taking the time to answer some of questions and give your thoughts!

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