Tonight’s game could and will play a big factor in the rest of this series. It’s very simple, a win tonight and Brooklyn level the series meaning they would need to win just 2 of the 3 games left, with 1 home game remaining. A defeat tonight would mean Philly lead 3-1 and Brooklyn would have to win all 3 games.

The Nets have been too soft in their defense in the last two and have allowed the 76ers to put up high numbers. This will be one thing for sure Kenny Atkinson and his coaching team will be working on to ensure that they make it hard for Philly to get good looks.

Ed Davis and Alan Crabbe are out for tonight’s match but there seem to be no concerns elsewhere on the court as of yet. Embiid didn’t feature in the last game and could make a return tonight. It could be another decision at tip-off by Philly. Embiid proved his dominance in part of game 1 and 2 and if they can get the W tonight they may be able to rest him for a period.

Brooklyn is going to need big performances all around the court but especially from D’Angelo Russell and Caris LeVert. Both got hot in the defeat in game 3 and if they can do the same in game 4 then they definitely give the Nets a chance of leveling the series.

So what’s gone well for the Nets so far… We are putting up good numbers on the offense. We are scoring high and if them 3 games were in a regular season you’d be disappointed to lose when you’ve hit 115. Russell is getting good looks and so are the rest of his teammates. If a few more players can have hot streaks Brooklyn can still clinch this.

Where’s it going wrong… we maybe are scoring high but the defensive side has not been good enough. Giving up easy looks and allowing inside shots. It’s been a lot of our own doing this series. You minus them needless mistakes and the two games we’ve lost could have gone very differently.

Tonight is massive. Tonight Brooklyn need you.

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