The Nets have arguably been one of the surprising packages in the Eastern Conference this season. Very much all down to the hard work and team spirit they have shown throughout.

After a poor 2017/18 season, the Nets realistically couldn’t get much worse but there weren’t many NBA fans rooting for them to be in the playoffs come the season fall or even close to it.

Now in the final stretch of the season, the Nets are the 7th seed in a tight part of the conference between 6th and 9th seeds. With some difficult games upcoming and some vital ones at that, I’m going to be looking at what has worked for the Nets this season and where they can look to improve next.

? HOT – D’Angelo Russell

You can’t have a hot or not section for the Brooklyn Nets without mentioning All-Star D’Angelo Russell, this season he has really put on a show and has taken to the vibrant Barclays center. The point guard has lit it up for Brooklyn this season and is our first pick for HOT ?.


❄️ COLD – Off nights against < .500 teams

We’ve seen it a few times this season the Nets playing a side below them in the conference and with a poor record but not being able to pick up the W. You’re not going to win every game but some big defeats to teams very low down have stopped the Brooklyn Nets picking up more Ws and pushing away from 8th and 9th seed respectively.

? HOT – Team Spirit

It wouldn’t be biased by saying that the Brooklyn Nets arguably have the best team spirit in the league. All you have to watch is their bench’s reaction half the time to see how much of a team togetherness this group really have. Theo Pinson is usually the ring leader of their crazy dance moves on the sidelines but that real team spirit has been pushing the Nets far this season.

❄️ COLD – Lack of High Scorers

One downfall for the Nets is that Brooklyn may need to have a look in free agency for another high scorer alongside Russell. The Nets have on a few occasions this season been low scorers in games and this is much down to not having many players scoring high enough numbers regularly. Maybe another high scorer for next season is the final jigsaw piece in what is an upcoming young side.

? HOT – Depth

One thing the nets have done right this season has a good squad depth, it’s fair to say that the whole of the starting 5 doesn’t necessarily pick itself and from the sixth man all the way down minutes are heavily rotated. We’ve seen the likes of Alan Williams get some game time before being reassigned back to the Long Island Nets. Healthy competition is the way forward

❄️ COLD – Field Goal %

The Nets are 24th in field goal % this season making the shot only 44.9% of the time. It’s been a problem for Brooklyn this season especially on 4th quarters as they look to close teams out. Their field goal % has stopped them claiming a lot more Ws than they arguably should have and it will be a section that Coach Atkinson will be looking to work on should the Nets make it through to the postseason.

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