Saturday Brian Cashman made a trade where the Yankees acquired Mike Tauchman. So, who exactly is Mike Tauchman and what does this mean for Tyler Wade?

A quick biography of Mike Tauchman is that he was drafted in the tenth round of the 2013 draft by the Colorado Rockies. While Tauchman had a couple of sniffs of the majors since he got drafted he has spent the high majority of his career in the minors.

However in the minors, he has absolutely raked with a batting average of .323, an OBP of .408 and an OPS of .978 last year in the triple a. He is a little high in age for someone for breaking into the majors at 28 years old. So what are the risks and rewards for the Mike Tauchman move? Well in terms of risks there really aren’t any. The Yankees sent away Phillip Diehl who was a player that was being blocked by other prospects. For rewards however, this move has Luke Voit written all over it.

One of those Brian Cashman steals that went completely under the radar. Cashman is well-known for moves like this. The aforementioned Luke Voit was one of those moves. Also, Chad Green, Didi Gregorius, etc. The point is that Brian Cashman is known for making small moves that have big impacts and this Mike Tauchman has the chance to be another one.

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This trade does leave the Yankees in a weird spot though. Tyler Wade originally had the spot that Tauchman is now filling. This is strange because Tyler Wade has been killing it in Spring Training this year. Hitting .320 with an OBP of .358 and an OPS of .878. He like Mike Tauchman is a lefty bat. Also, like Tauchman Wade has done well in the minors but struggled in the majors.

Since the trade, it is being reported that Tyler Wade has been sent down and that Tauchman will break camp with the major league camp. It is also being reported that Tyler Wade is very disappointed with the demotion and for good reason. It did come as a bit of a shock to everyone that someone who was up with the club a large chunk of last year and has been performing very well in Spring Training has been sent down in favor of someone who has been with the team for all of 2 days and has played all of 52 major league games.

Where does that leave Wade? Well if I had a crystal ball I’d tell you. But, there are a few different possibilities. Tauchman can play all 3 outfield positions. Wade can play in the outfield, barring centerfield probably, and can also play in the infield. So Wade has more versatility.

There is a chance that eventually both of them make the roster although that seems unlikely for this year. Versatility is held to a high standard in the MLB so if Tauchman performs well there is a chance that Wade can get traded at the deadline for a piece to help the Yankees win a 28th championship or vice versa.

While the future is unclear with Wade and Tauchman it is bright and can involve contributions from both Wade and Tauchman.

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