It’s the start of the new league year and the Giants have their work cut out for them.

They began this week with a bang by informing all-pro, fan favorite Landon Collins that they will not be franchise tagging him. Understandably, experts and fan were outraged. However, whether we like to admit it or not Dave Gettlemen does have a plan.

Unfortunately, as of right now his plan has left us with yet another hole in our secondary. Let’s take a look at the top 3 positions the Giants need to address this offseason

Right Tackle

The Giants offensive line started to gel at the end of the season but they still need to add a quality right tackle in order to keep the momentum. They could turn to Daryl Williams in free agency who has ties with Gettlemen from Carolina. However, that would mean investing a huge percentage of the cap into both tackle positions. For this reason I believe they find their guy in the draft.


The Giants needed to add a safety before the Collins news but now they desperately need to add a couple. Luckily for them there are several top safeties available. As of now not spending $11 million on Collins seems like a mistake but it is possible the Giants could add two solid safeties with that money. We will have to see how it plays out.

Pass Rusher

As of now the Giants still have Olivier Vernon but if he gets cut before next week then pass rusher shoots up to the number one priority. Conveniently, the Giants will have several great options in this year’s draft. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they add an older, cheaper veteran in free agency.

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