Luis Severino and Aaron Hicks both signed an extension this offseason, here’s who the Yankees should also consider extending.

Aaron Judge

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Aaron Judge needs to be a Yankee for his entire career. Judge is the best player the Yankees have had since Derek Jeter. Judge’s leadership is top tier and his numbers are the same. Judge has a career .273 batting average with 83 homeruns and 191 rbi’s in 294 games. With those numbers judge is a 2 time All-Star, a Silver Slugger, and was the 2017 unanimous rookie of the year. Judge has become the face of baseball being having the highest selling jersey for 2 years in a row. The Yankees will probably wait until Judge is arbitration eligible but as soon as he is the Yankees should jump on the opportunity to make Judge a Yankee for life.

Didi Gregorius

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Didi Gregorius is a fan favorite, and for good reason. Didi has taken over the shortstop position without blinking. In the 4 seasons the Didi has spent with the Yankees he has hit .274 and has been the best homerun hitting shortstop in Yankees history hitting 27 homeruns last season breaking the single season homerun record by a Yankee. This is Didi’s last year under contract so it’s either an extension during this season or resigning him when he becomes a free agent. The only reason the Yankees may wait is because Didi is hurt and they will want to see how he performs on his return to injury.

Dellin Betances

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Dellin Betances has been a homegrown bullpen sensation. It was well documented the altercation between Randy Levine, the Yankees president and Dellin Betances at Betances’ arbitration hearing. During the hearing Dellin felt disrespected by Levine continuing calling him “Dillon”. Following the hearing it was believed by many people that when Betances became a free agent he would leave because of that. However, it has been reported that Betances is over that.

Like Gregorius, Betances is a free agent following this season. Extending Betances long term would lockup one of the most elite bullpens of all-time for a very long time.

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