The moment is here. We don’t have to wait anymore. For one night, forget the tank. For one night, Knicks fans across America can say:

Holidays have passed us by. The Unicorn has left town and took two of the worse contracts along with him. One thing was constant tho, the Knicks couldn’t win a ball game. That has changed for one day at least, because the Knicks are winners, baby.

Dennis Smith Jr. ( Bleacher Report NBA @BR_NBA)

I know, for one day at least. For one day, I can rejoice, I can be thankful that I, I can see the Knicks win a basketball game. That sentiment was heard across the state as die hard Knicks fans were excited to say ‘Finally!’

The Oscars was in California but they even knew it was a monumental moment for Knicks fans.

It didn’t start easy either, we were in full tank mode to kick things off:

But to think New York won a game is exciting enough for Knicks fans. Being mentioned at the Oscars is a championship in itself. Being further away from the Number One pick in next year’s draft, well not so much.

But for one night, champagne wasn’t poured. Nobody started planning a parade. But last night Knicks fans were able to enjoy what it’s like to win again. It’s been a long time since that feeling was embraced by the players and the fan base.

Yeah, I should expect more losing til April, May. But last night, last night was sweet for the die-hards. Seeing this team develop is even sweeter.

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