CC Sabathia who is one of the most well known pitchers of his generation formally announced his retirement following the 2019 season on Friday, let’s take a look at why he should get a place in the Hall of Fame.

First, a quick rundown of Sabathia’s career highlights: Sabathia is a Cy Young award winner, a six time All-Star, a World Series champion, an ALCS MVP, and led the major leagues in wins on two separate occasions.

Now, the average Hall of Famer has an ERA around 3.00. CC has a career ERA of 3.70, while higher than the average Hall of Famer you have to keep in mind the era he pitched in.

This year we see Mike Mussina going into the Hall of Fame in July. Mike Mussina posted a 3.68 ERA over his career. If CC Sabathia pitches well this year he can get either lower or equal to a 3.68 ERA. Mussina had 2,813 strikeouts over his career. This year barring something terrible CC will join exclusive company and pass 3,000 strikeouts. Mussina had 270 wins in his career. If CC repeats the excact year he had last year he would finish his career with 255 wins. CC is comparable to Mike Mussina so if Mussina got in CC should get in as well.

Now, I don’t count World Series for players to get into the hall because, teams win championships not players. However, CC won an ALCS MVP in 2009. CC posted a 1.13 ERA in 2 starts leading the Yankees to the World Series. Also, when CC was traded from the Cleveland Indians to Milwaukee Brewers in 2008, Milwaukee was on a playoff push and CC pitched phenomenal. In 17 games for Milwaukee CC went 11-2 posting a 1.65 ERA.

Lastly, the thing you can’t weigh in numbers, CC Sabathia is a unbelievable teammate and team player. Last year CC Sabathia threw at the Tampa Bay Rays catcher Jesus Sucre in retaliation for the Rays hitting Austin Romine. In the process of doing that CC lost $500,000 in innings incentives. That was his last game of the regular season and Sabathia was 2 innings shy of hitting the innings number to get him $500,000. Instead Sabathia stuck up for his teammate and gave up $500,000 doing so. That is the definition of a great teammate. This is only one example of many. Numbers can’t express how good of a teammate you are but if they could CC would lead that category.

CC belongs in the Hall of Fame. Not only are his numbers great but, his leadership and team play are above almost everyone else.

I personally am losing one of my favorite players, New York is losing a great player, The MLB is losing a great ambassador. But, Hopefully the Hall of Fame is gaining one

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