With Spring Training only a few days away, most MLB players know where they will be beginning their 2019 season. However, players like Manny Machado are still without a spring home or team to play for this season.

At the beginning of the winter, the Yankees were the frontrunner to land Machado. The Yankees dropped out of the bidding for a bit after they did not sign him in December or early january and instead turned their focus on Troy Tulowitzki and DJ LeMahieu.

The Yankees were not interested in paying Machado a huge lump sum of money and waited around to see how the market would form around Machado. According to CBSSports, the Yankees may have offered Machado a $220 million contract.

While it is only a rumor, there is reason to believe these rumblings. Despite adding several players to the infield, adding Machado will always improve a lineup. If Machado is still available this late in the winter, there is good reason for the Yankees front office to at least give him a shot.

Also, this situation is very similar to the J.D Martinez situation last season. The market never really formed around Martinez the way he wanted. He waited around all winter and into Spring Training play before taking the only offer in front of him and signed with Boston.

Time is ticking for Machado and he needs to act quickly so he can get with his teammates and get acclimated with the flow of things. Each team carries their own operations and nuances that take some time to get used to. Machado is a gifted player, but he will need time to learn the schedule and gather chemistry with his new teammates. Because of this,  he may be forced to take the highest offer he receives.

That is why the Yankees are wise to give Machado this offer now. They saw no teams were willing to sell out for Machado so they gave him an offer that is within their standards and has 7-8 years which should excite Machado.

New York has always been Machado’s preferred destination. The Yankees are in position to win now as proven by their two playoff runs. Machado would be the final piece to put them over the edge and overthrow Boston in the East.

Yankees fan should be excited about these rumors. Machado could be coming to the Bronx after all.

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