Buckle up. February is fast approaching and the Knicks are not getting any better. The narratives have gotten old already.

“The Knicks are rebuilding”

“Tank for Williamson”

“Frank will get better”

“The Knicks are developing young players”

“The Knicks are going to spend big in free agency”

While all of those storylines are intriguing, not many of them drum up much immediate excitement for the home team on the court of Madison Square Garden right now.

Sometimes, the young talent struggles mightily, sometimes the defense that head coach David Fizdale preaches is non-existent and sometimes the Knicks actually win a game which sends Knicks fans into a frenzy of mixed emotions.

After a win, Knicks fans have to battle with the idea that the on-the-court improvements have finally materialized into another digit in the win column and the fact that a win complicates the draft lottery for Zion Williamson.

The game on Jan. 21 against the Thunder was abysmal and a total blowout. That game was sandwiched between two interesting games that the Knicks lost, but provided excellent entertainment value. Those games against the Wizards on Jan. 17 in London and against the Rockets on Jan. 23 provide a great mould for the following instruction on how to watch a Knicks game during the tanking process.

Watch young talent

Whether it be Knox dropping threes, or Trier driving to the basket and dropping a VERY impressive 31 points on the Rockets, there is a lot of talent on this team that can be moulded into a great core down the road.

Also Mitchel Robinson has come back from injury for the third time. If he can stay healthy, he may be able to get into the NBA flow of things and start contributing on offensively and defense. Watch for his shot blocking and for him to run the pick and roll, finishing ally-oops at the rim.

Hope for a close game

The first 47 minutes of the game could be close and exciting. It is intriguing to watch how the young players will respond to a full 48 minute sof competition. Close games will help them aquiense to the difficulty of this league. Hopefully, it will improve the conditioning of the young players. 48 minutes of NBA intensity cannot be recreated in the practice facility.

Also, it is intriguing to see who will take shots for this roster late in games in future seasons.

Accept the loss in regards to the tank

If the close games does not go in the Knicks favor, all hope is not lost. The team shows they can be competitive and run with some good teams like the Rockets and the Warriors earlier in the year. A loss in those close games in the best of both worlds. Fans get an entertaining game to watch, and the Knicks are one win closer to the top of the draft.


Do not root for a loss

Nothing is more perplexing than a Knicks fans rooting against his or her team. One win will not necessarily make or break their odds for the number one pick.

One extra win here or there should be a good thing, not a hindrance to your fandom.

It is important to remember that record does not determine draft position, but it determines the odds of getting a high draft pick.

BONUS: Appreciate greatness

James Harden put on an exhilarating performance at the expense of the Knicks defense last night, accruing 61 points. That ties Kobe’s MSG scoring mark, and is one less than Carmelo Anthony’s 62 point performance.

The Knicks may be the punching bag of the NBA this season and they could be susceptible to a lot of marquee performances. Take it at face value and just appreciate the gravity of those individual performances and daydream about  Kevin Knox and Allonzo Trier doing similar things in the future.

Featured Image: Jonathan Bachman/2014 Associated Press photo
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