With the Jets having another losing season under Todd Bowles and missing the playoffs for the 8th straight season it was time to move on.

There was speculation the Jets were targeting Kliff Kingsbury who would eventually sign with the Arizona Cardinals and Mike Mccarthy but eventually they deiced to go with the 40-year-old coach Adam Gase. After Jets Twitter exploded in anger, things cooled down and it was time to hear what our new Head Coach had to say.

After Adam Gase, introductory press conference was a huge joke it gave Jets fans even more reasons to slander Gase and even poke fun at him.  Sure that didn’t help his case to get Jets fans to buy into what he’s trying to do with this team but If you listen to his interviews after the press conference he seemed way more comfortable and was willing to answer any question he just wants to work he’s not flashy he doesn’t give you the quality NY Headline he just wants to work with his guys.

Sure his numbers in Miami don’t look great especially on the side of the ball he works with the most that is the offense. His offense rankings in his three years in Miami rank like this 18 (Year One), 27(Year Two),21(Year Three) it all doesn’t help that he has a Record under 500 as a Head Coach at 23-26. But those stats don’t give you the true context of what was going on in Miami. While Gase was Head Coach of the Dolphins His “Starting QuarterBack” Ryan Tannehill was hurt at least for one game, in his second year Coaching  Ryan missed the whole season after going 10-6 in year one with Ryan and Matt Moore. Adam Gase was forced to start his old bud Jay Cutler at QB who had a pretty nice year in Miami His interception rate was the lowest of his career in Miami and the Dolphins managed to win 6 wins with Jay Cutler and Matt Moore.

How does this affect Sam Darnold? Well every quarterback that has worked with Gase whether he was an HC Or OC has had a career best in a major Quarterback stat. Jay Cutler: Carrer Best Passer Rating 86.9.(Pre-Injury) Ryan Tannehill Carrer best in Completion percentage 67.1, Matt Moore Completion percentage: 61.2%.

Even the Great Peyton Manning set some great feats with Gase having a career high in touchdowns under Gase which is still the NFL record for most Passing Touchdowns in NFL History at 55.

At the end of the day, the only stat that matters is wins and that’s what Jets fans hope Adam Gase does.

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