The Giants are 8-24 in the past 2 seasons but how close are they to hoisting another banner in Metlife Stadium? The Giants currently hold the 6th pick, a good amount of cap, and some overpaid players.

Here is how the Giants can turn that 8-24 record to a 24-8 record…

  1. Get Rid Of And Don’t Sign Any More Huge Contracts
    The Giants have Oliver Vernon on a contract that does not represent his current skill level. Although Vernon was elected to the pro bowl the fans heard his name more for penalties than for tackles. Solder started off the season weak but looked good towards the end. Janoris Jenkins had a phenomenal year looking more like his 2016 self. Besides Landon Collins, the Giants should not sign any big names this offseason. They should sign a couple of veterans to lead the locker room but they should target players who are developing.
  2.  Draft Eli’s Replacement with the 6th pick                                                                         Although this is a pretty weak QB draft class Dwayne Haskins and Kyler Murray are both very impressive QB prospects. Kyler Murray could bring that spark that the Giants need. Although he is undersized he had the best deep ball in college football and his mobility would create another threat. Haskins is the more traditional QB. He has a good arm, not a great runner. I would compare him to Philip Rivers or Eli Manning. Personally, I feel that the Giants should take Kyler. I feel that way because an Offense that has Kyler Murray, Saquon Barkley, OBJ is truly very very scary for defenses.
  3. Draft Players who fit the scheme                                                                                       The Giants should draft at least 4-5 Oline, Dline, and CBs. The Giants are weakest at those 3 positions. The Giants should also draft a flex type of player. SOmeone like Tarik Cohen who gives Defensive coordinators nightmares.

If the Giants are able to do these things they may be hoisting that Lombardi trophy on the first Sunday in February 2020.

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