January 1st.

It’s supposed to be a time to reflect and set goals. To spend time with family or friends and for others to get as drunk as your body allows.

This season hasn’t allowed my body to recover from all the nights of depression and binge drinking, so I spent New Year’s writing about the Knicks. Yeah, those same Knicks who at 9-28 is creeping towards worst record in the league territory.

Those same Knicks who after a 3 game winning streak against some of the leagues elite, I actually that they were going to be something.

Then December came.

I don’t think the Knicks won a game in December. At least it didn’t feel like it, and if it happen the trauma my memory has taken won’t allow me to remember such happy times.

Enes Kanter, who I may have said a couple nice things about, is probably a couple DNPs away from a new address. Franky Smokes aka Frank Ntilikina, has taken recently departed Ron Baker’s minutes at the end of the bench.

And Tim Hardaway Jr is still taken shots from everywhere and anywhere his heart desires.

So yeah, usually it’s a ‘New Year, New Me’ feeling around the new year, but this feels like the same Ol’ Knicks again in 2019. Unless Santa, still granting wishes then…

Remember us, Knicks fan.

Featured Image: Enes Kanter / AP
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