Draft Position: The 4-9 Jets currently hold the 5th pick in the NFL Draft if this is the case at the end of the season it’s unlikely that the Jets have a chance at Nick Bosa.

Although the Jets have a tough schedule to end the season and are likely to lose there next 3 games against the Texans, Packers, Patriots the fan in me thinks they’ll squeak out one more win and finish the year 5-11 for the 3rd straight year which would be the first time in franchise history the Jets have done such. It’s likely the Jets could either stay in the top 5 or move up two spots to squeak their way in the top 3.

Josh Allen – LB – Player Analysis

With the Jets draft position currently being at five some draft experts see Josh Allen as a mid to late 1st round pick. There are some people such as myself who thinks this kid has huge upside he’s a big strong fast outside linebacker he’s a guy who can win his matchup with either his quickness or his ability to just power through you.

One of Allen’s problems, however, is his ability to sometimes disappear in games. He’s been more consistent this season; he had a career-best of 14.5 Sacks which put him at 3rd most sacks in the country where he just finished behind Jalen Furgerson another highly touted prospect. If you compare his college numbers to Khalil Mack’s college numbers they are eerily similar.

Now, I’m not saying he’ll be Khalil Mack but the potential is there. He won the nation’s best Linebacker award for a reason. Check the video to find out why.

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