I’ve said this in every post I’ve wrote this season. WE ARE REBUILDING. It’s what we tell ourselves after games so that we sleep better at night.

Lately, I haven’t been sleeping much.

It’s the holidays and though I should be thinking of giving. I’m in a receiving mood when it comes to the Knicks. And unless you’ve been on a egg nog binge, that doesn’t include John Wall and his atrocious contract.

And I also know that we aren’t going to be making any moves before the February 7th trade deadline. If we do, Santa really put me on the nice list.

I don’t think I made the nice list this year. Tho I’ve been exceptionally nice all year, I must say.

With that said. Here’s a few things I think the Knicks should be asking Santa for.

A Healthy Unicorn

Our All-Star big man and resident unicorn Kristap Porzingis is currently sitting on the shelf like a can of beans from last year’s Thanksgiving. I’m sure he’s ready to play but this isn’t a playoff year so I doubt we get Porzingod back at all in 2019.

Tho we’d all love to see that number 6, catching alley oops and blocking shots, we’d all prefer a healthy Porzingis next year. Especially if we can add a free agent this summer. Which leads me into my next point…

A Marquee Name To Put Up On The Marquee on 7th Avenue

Now, this one won’t come til July, but Santa should work his magic. The rumors are out there. Everyone thinks Kevin Durant is bringing his talents to West 33rd Street. But I’m going to be realistic and say that isn’t a need at the moment.

Yeah who wouldn’t want a player like Durant. A perennial All-Star and one of the greatest scorers ever? Well, Me. Right now, we need a point guard. KP will be back, Knox will develop, but our biggest question mark is at the one. It just so happens a certain player born in the Bronx will be a free agent. Let’s #BringKembaHome

Fiz May Be On To Something

Head Coach David Fizdale has benched several guys for extended games and somehow it’s worked, most recently with Frank Ntilikina. Franky Smokes had recently racked up a couple DNPs and we was wondering if he was on the block and not playing to avoid injury. Nope. Frank came back in a big way.

He looked aggressive in his second game back. He put up 18 points on 7-11 from the the field. He even went for 4-4 from the 3. So, whatever Fiz is doing, I’m all in. For now, at least. Let’s give him some wins this year, or at least some praise for his development skills. Cause it’s deserved.

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