Although Eli Manning is finishing this season strong, there is still little doubt in my mind that the Giants will get a QB this offseason. There has been a lot of talk with Grier, Herbert, and Haskins. But is there a dark horse?

Kyler Murray has owned the 2018 NCAA football season. He has had 4053 passing yards and 40 passing touchdowns. He has also had 892 rushing yards with 11 touchdowns on the ground. Oh, and don’t forget the Heisman that he won last night. The biggest concern for Kyler his is height and his commitment to baseball. Kyler was drafted in the 2017 MLB draft by the Oakland A’s. Kyler signed a contract that allowed him to play one more year of college football. Kyler has discussed the idea of declaring for the NFL draft, but he claims that he hasn’t put much thought into it. This leads us to the question…

Could Kyler Murray be the QB this franchise needs?

The Giants will end up with a top 20 pick this year, but if they continue to win their pick me be too late to pick Justin Herbert Or Will Grier. Kyler Murray may be a perfect fit for this offense. The Giants need a mobile QB who can extend plays and get our playmakers the ball. Kyler has a monster arm which OBJ has been dying for. The combination of Saquon, Odell, and Murray could make this team and NFL dynasty.

If Murray doesn’t declare who else should the Giants target?

I would not be surprised at all if we saw Teddy Bridgewater in a Giants uniform next year. If Gettleman doesn’t feel good about any of the prospects in the draft he will not pull the trigger. Bridgewater has been in Schumer’s system and has proven when healthy that he can be an elite NFL quarterback.

In conclusion, this leaves us with one question that the Giants have had for many years now…

Who will be Eli Mannings successor?

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