With the Knicks not looking to make the playoffs and are in a rebuild towards the future, rumors have been popping up about potential deals. Whether it’s Marc Berman of the NY Post talking about a potential John Wall deal or teams calling about the availability of Frank Ntilikina, the Knicks are looking to add pieces or move pieces to free up cap space for a potential max signing in Free Agency.

Here is some potential moves we’d like to see:

Scott Perry Should Not Trade For John Wall

I think I’m speaking for the masses when I say General Manager Scott Perry should not even consider thinking about a trade for Washington Wizards guard John Wall. Wall, is an all-star and a talented player but he’s not going to get us over the edge. Plus that takes away cap space for that potential max contract we are looking to sign.

The Wizards point guard has a career average of 21 points and 8 assists and is coming off a 18 point, 15 assist night against our Knicks. But he isn’t the star player that we are currently looking for. Even the fans don’t want Wall in New York just check these tweets out:

Like I said John Wall is an amazing talent but he’s about to roll into a contract extension that’s gonna pay him close to $50 million dollars at the age of 32.

So seriously, let’s just skip this idea and forget about it altogether.

The Curious Case of Frank and the DNPs

Second-year point guard Frank Ntilikina has entered head coach David Fizdale‘s doghouse and there isn’t an escape route out. For the last two games, verses the Milwaukee Bucks and the Washington Wizards, the French Prince has failed to see the court and has racked up two DNP-CDs in the process. Speculation has been everywhere about what’s going and it’s even been reported that teams are calling about the availability of Frank.

Those rumors have been refuted or at least put to bed by the moment as seen by a tweet by Knicks Film School:

I think you have to give some minutes to Frank if he is in our future plans. It would be the only way to develop him properly and at least figure out what his role on this team will be.

The Return of Courtney Lee and Potential Trade Options

Shooting guard Courtney Lee returned from his neck injury he acquired in training camp, against the Wizards on Monday night. He played 14 minutes, shot 1-4 from the floor and even had one of the most laughable plays of the night late in the fourth quarter:

That’s not gonna help Lee’s trade value much but, it’s good to see the veteran back on the floor playing basketball again. With him being linked to potential playoff teams for his 3 and D skills, he’s going to keep getting playing time until he’s gone basically.

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