My brother and I, Eric, we grew up together watching a lot of sports. Playing them in the neighborhood but we consumed alot of sports.

We liked tons of different teams along the years but found a mutual love for the New York area teams as we grew older. Him being a Giants fan, he was able to see two championships and me as a Jets fan, none.

But together we share the agony of being fans of our beloved Knicks.

We have survived loss after loss and failed project after failed project. We have never broken loyalty.

Recently, we like many Knicks fans have embraced the idea of tanking. We were born competitors so the idea of losing games is wild and unimaginable. But watching Duke clips on SportsCenter after Knicks games you tend to start dreaming.

But after winning three games in a row, I’m back to man let’s see what we have here.

After going 4 and a lot of losses, Head Coach David Fizdale inserted more veterans in the lineup with Enes Kanter returning and Mario Hezonja and the likes of Trey Burke getting extended minutes off the bench.

Kanter has been a monster off the bench, seemingly grabbing double-doubles at an all time rate. Burke has basically been instant offense off the bench and has turned into a late game closer along with point guard Emmanuel Mudiay.

And with Allonzo Trier doing things like this how could you not get excited:

Still, the monkey in the room looms large.

Do we really want to win our ways out of a chance to draft one of the Duke trio? Or do we want to keep winning games and let our young guys experience the joys of winning in New York while falling somewhere inside the teens during draft time?

I say let’s win some and if we end up losing so be it, but with New York sports being a such a bottomless pit of losing, we could use the holiday pick me up.

So win baby win, go New York, go New York, go. All that good stuff and let the basketball Gods do what they may.

Featured Image: Adam Hunger/USA Today Sports
Video Courtesy of @nyknicks Twitter. 
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