The Jets have something to be thankful for in this lost season as hard as that sounds. They should be thankful for the fact that they have 100 million dollars in cap next season to build around there young stars in Sam Darnold and Jamal Adams who play their respective positions on offense and defense.

Since Le’Veon Bell didn’t sign his franchise tag with the Pittsburgh Steelers before the Week 10 deadline, he will not play for the remainder of the NFL season. With that being said, the Jets should target RB Leveon Bell one of the best players at his respective position right now.

Sure, paying a running back $15 milion per year doesn’t sound ideal especially since Le’Veon will be 27 in February and has had some off the field issues in his career.

Sure, you could make the case of it’s easier to find a great running back than any other position in the league right now. Look at how easily the Steelers replaced Le’Veon with James Conor who’s arguably putting up better numbers then Le’Veon did with his time in Pittsburgh. If the Jets want to be a legit contender they have to be aggressive for Le’Veon. He is a guy who can help Sam Darnolod develop even quicker since Sam doesn’t have any legit offensive talent around him now. He’ll have a backfield threat who can catch and run with the best of them.

One could hope that if the Jets were to pick up Le’Veon that him and Sam could become what Goff and Gurley are now for the Los Angeles Rams. The Jets have a lot of glaring holes but they can patch one with a big signing like Le’Veon.

Featured Image: Sports Illustrated
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