After Sunday’s game, I heard a lot of people say that “the season is over” or  “ this loss destroyed a potential playoff run”. I personally think we’re going for a top 4 draft pick next year. If we keep our pace, that’s what is going to happen. That sounds awful now, I know. And I agree. But again, we must have faith in this whole process. In fact, the game showed us things that we really wanted to see.

  1. Sam Darnold is not the problem (at all). Mediocre receivers, terrible offensive line and bad coaching are the real problems here. Even though Darnold is not even a top 25 QB in the NFL yet, he hasn’t been the biggest problem in the offense, which is both a relief and a concern at the same time. How is he supposed to develop into an elite QB playing under these circumstances?
  2. The defense needs to get better, but it’s still the best part of this team by far. In previous years we’ve seen the same thing. The defense carrying the team to the playoffs and then being eliminated because the offense couldn’t do anything. Allowing 41 points to the Bills offense is unacceptable. The personnel is still very good, but it’s hard to compete after that brutal loss to the Dolphins. Very, very frustrating.
  3. Firing the coaching staff is a no brainer now. Todd Bowles has done good things in the past, but this can’t go on. It’s just flat out bad coaching. It’s okay to wait until the end of the season, as long as we get a good one. Remember the Jared Goff/Jeff Fisher/Sean McVay situation? That turned out pretty well for the Rams. Let’s make sure we hire the right guy, hopefully an offensive minded HC this time.
  4. It’s time to be humble and accept that we’re a bad football team right now. Again, it’s really important to address our needs, especially pass rush and O-line, in the draft and free agency. Getting a good coaching staff is crucial to develop our franchise QB and to take our team to the playoffs.

Photo: AP Photo - Jeffrey T. Barnes
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