So it’s safe to say that after a horrendous Week 9 Loss to the Miami Dolphins it might be time for the Jets to move on from current Head Coach Todd Bowles. The team is currently heading down a similar path they have seen in the last two seasons start the season off well finish not so well. This by no means is an article to bash Todd Bowles but the numbers don’t lie this team has been so inconsistent for the last two seasons since The Jets Week 17 Loss to the Bills back in 2015, the Jets have been less than stellar with a record of 13-27.

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John DeFilippo (Minnesota Vikings) has been on the Jets Radar before but it was to be the OC but if his name is to ever come up with the Jets again it may just be his name in HC conversations. This is a guy who has an amazing track record he was the QB Coach for the first two years of the Doug Peterson Era he played a major part in the development of Carson Wentz and helped Nick Foles prepare to play the biggest games of his life. Now let’s talk about his current team the Minnesota Vikings the Vikings currently rank in the Top 15 in every major offensive category except Rushing Yards but they’ve missed there lead back for most of the season. Need more proof this guy is a QB Guru Kirk Cousins currently has a completion percentage of 71% his career average is 66.3% it may not seem like a major jump but it’s still some growth from the 29-year-old QB. It’ll be interesting to see how the Vikings offense finishes the season if they keep it up John DeFilippo will get some calls to be an HC.

Norv Turner (Carolina Panthers) doesn’t have the greatest track record as a coach but if the Jets want to speed up the growth of Sam Darnold this is the guy to do it he helped Philip Rivers raise his Completion percentage from 66.2 to 69.5 in his 9 seasons with the team even leading the Chargers to AFC Championship game in 07 even tho he picked up Marty Shothimer’s Offense and had one of the greatest running backs of all time but that doesn’t discredit the fact that he has a knack for offense let’s look at his current team the Carolina Panthers the most notable difference about Cam Newton this year is how accurate he’s been this season than in years past his career completion percentage before this season was 59.1% to averaging 67.3% Norv has turned one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in football into a very solid passer which can put cam over the top as one of the best QB’s in football cam’s even had a handful of 70% completion games this year. Norv Turner should be on the Jets radar for HC despite the losing record as an HC

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Matt Leflur (Tennessee Titans) is probably the wildcard on this list as he has little to no track record he’s still getting wet behind his ears as a play-caller but he has some NFL experience he was the Quarterbacks Coach for the AtlantaFalcons for two seasons but one of those years as the QB coach was when Matty Ice had his MVP season tho Kyle Shanahan gets most of the credit for helping Matt have such a season it would be a bit unfair to the QB Coach to not get any credit. But let’s look at his offense and where it stacks up against the rest of the league though they rank almost dead last in every major offensive category though it’s unfair to judge them as such as Marcus has missed some games for them this season and they’ve been forced to play Blaine Gabbert but Marcus Mariota is having a solid start to his season tho he’s been banged up a bit he’s on a pace to have a solid season.

There’s still a lot of football to be played but if the Jets have another 5-11 6-10 season it may be time to kick Todd Bowles to the curb and move on.

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