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With the emergence of guard Allonzo Trier, Scott Perry has a decision to make regarding his contract situation.

Scott Perry, you have one job.

It’s not the simplest job, but this decision isn’t a hard one at all.

I’m sure being the general manager of the New York Knicks isn’t a dream job for some. Shoot, it’s not even a job people call to ask for. But it’s one of 30 jobs in the National Basketball Association and someone has to do it, that person for us is Scott Perry.

The 2018-19 season is in its infancy so it’s not a necessity to make any moves at the moment, especially with it looking like another lottery year for us. But there is one move that needs to be made. It doesn’t have to happen today, but the day is approaching and after Thanksgiving, Scott Perry NEEDS to make the right decision.

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Allonzo Trier is an undrafted rookie out of the University of Arizona. Yup, that same University of Arizona that touted this years number one pick, Deandre Ayton. Now 11 games into an undrafted rookie’s debut season, we are hardly ever screaming for management to sign a guy, but for the Knicks, this seems like a no-brainer at this point.

Head coach David Fizdale had been utilizing Trier, who is averaging 12 points and 3 rebounds a game in late game situations and even had the ball in his hands with the game on the line against the Chicago Bulls in what turned out to be a double overtime loss on Monday.

When you have that much confidence in an undrafted rookie, I believe that rookie doesn’t belong in the G League. So sending him back down after his 45 days on the main roster doesn’t make sense.

So Scott, do us all a favor. Let’s make the right decision on this one. Yeah, we can send him to Westchester and give that roster spot to lets say a Ron Baker. But why? Why punish our fan base anymore than it has to. Give us what we want.

Photo: Charles Wenzelberg


Mr. Perry, can you make that happen for us please? I may even say I’m thankful for you during pre-thanksgiving dinner festivities.

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