The Giants at this moment have traded away Eli Apple and Damon Harrison and there could be others gone by time you read this. Eli Apple was traded to the Saints for a 4th and a 7th pick. Snacks was traded to Detroit for a 5th round pick. I don’t hate or like either of these deals.

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Eli Apple has played pretty well to start this season but was dealing with injuries. Everyone knows that he was trouble in the locker room last year to the point where Landon Collins called him a cancer. I really think the Giants could have gotten more out of this whether that was getting just a 3rd rounder or upgrading the 7th rounder to a 6th. With all that being said, I don’t hate it because I don’t think we would’ve re-signed him when his rookie deal ended unless he became a top corner which is unlikely and with the Giants struggles, they are sure to invest in the offensive line and draft a QB. I really see them taking the same approach that the Colts have taken and drafting a bunch of big boys. I wouldn’t even hate if they traded back in this upcoming draft to snag the best offensive lineman if somebody is ahead of us and takes Herbert.

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Damon Harrison was traded for a 5th round pick. I really think we could’ve gotten more out of this guy who has been really good at stopping the run this year. The guy is locked up for the next two and a half seasons and you can’t get more than that? I really don’t think Gettleman is holding out to get the best deal and is just taking what he can get now and not forcing this to be a trade deadline day scenario.

Whose next? You’d have to think they’ll get rid of Janorice Jenkins and possibly Olivier Vernon. Jenkins is a sure thing to me. He hasn’t really performed well and has that huge contract. He’s probably gone before we play Washington. I see the Giants getting a 5th rounder out of him at best with the trend of these other two trades.

Vernon has to be held out for at least a 3rd round pick. If nobody offers that, keep him on because he’s still a viable pass rusher in a league that is desperate for pass rushers. Although I think that he’s probably gone as well even if they don’t get great value.

I’ll throw in a wild card as well….Landon Collins. You can definitely get a first rounder for him and his contract is expiring and I can expect a hold out from him if the Giants retain him. I think Landon is a great player, but I’m also not attached to him. He has claimed to want to be the next Lawrence Taylor, but there is a quote of his that really bothers me. There was a buzz about a possible reunion between the Giants and Bill Belichik this past offseason before Shurmur was hired. Landon said he didn’t want Belichik because he’s too strict and it’s not a lot of fun. He’s obviously blowing smoke when he says he wants to be the next LT because Belichik would be his best bet to do that.  Will the Giants trade Collins? I doubt it, but it’s going to be an interesting week.

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