Are the Devils undefeated or winners? It’s a stupid question. I know. We’ve only played 3 games which is the least in the league because of our overseas game to start the season. People may say the Devils just had 3 good games and it’ll level out. I’d say that this team is legit though and will make a serious Cup run this year.

We’ve started 3-0-0 as we’ve topped the Oilers, Capitals and Sharks. The Oilers aren’t great but they stomped them. 5-2. I’d say most Devils fans were confident going into that game and we did exactly what was needed.

The Devils came back to America to host the defending Stanley Cup Champion, Washington Capitals. We wrecked them 6-0 and Kyle Palmieri scored another 2 goals in the first period and never looked back. It was an all around great effort with Kinkaid pitching a shutout and showing the home crowd that he is this teams goalie going forward after being benched in the playoffs last year. I saw Caps fans writing it off, but you don’t just beat the defending champs 6-0 and call it a fluke. Taylor Hall and Nico Hischier teamed up to give the Devils assists and Palmeiri has come back with a vengeance.

The Devils’ most recent game was against another playoff team in the San Jose Sharks. The Devils went down 2-1 entering the 3rd putting this team in its first situation where losing would happen and the undefeated joke would end. Nope. Less than a minute into the period, Palmieri scores his 6th goal of the season to tie the game and put him on pace for 164 goals. It won’t happen but it’s fun to pretend. We score again 3 minutes later taking a 3-2 lead. We never looked back as Kinkaid fought off a late power play to lead the Devils to 3-0-0.

Here is what’s crazy though. Our MVP hasn’t even scored a goal this season. Taylor Hall has 3 assists, but no goals and neither does 2017 1st overall pick Nico Hischier. We’ve beaten championship and playoff teams without the league MVP hitting the net.

The Devils surprised a lot of people by making the playoffs last year and I think they’ll surprise a lot by making a serious run at the Cup this season. Time will tell, but your boy is excited!

Photo: Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports
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