Boys and girls, I hope you slept well last night! I watched a game where we were not worried especially after Judge went yard in the first inning and never looked back. This was expected honestly because the A’s are a trash team in a trash town that nobody loves and Money Ball wasn’t depicted correctly.

As I chirped A’s fans saying “Y’all don’t want us” they said they phrases everyone says to us Yankee fans! Look at your payroll! I never understood why A’s fans brag about their small payroll. All that means is that you guys have bad fans that don’t buy tickets and invest in the team so you can’t pay your guys. Why would you brag about that? Why would the A’s try and use thier bullpen all game? You don’t think one guy is going to give up a bomb to the team that set the record for homeruns?

It was cute to watch them think they changed the game though in the 2 days before the game. I’ll stop kicking them when their down though because 20 minutes before the game started… I was down as well. Stephen died. My fish who lived for 4 years (328 in fish years) had passed. He had been looking rough the past couple weeks but I truly believe he held on until he could whisper to the 2018 Yankees, “win this for me.” That’s exactly what they did. Severino pitched lights out, Voit hit a triple, and our back up infielder had a Randy Moss catch to put the lights out on the A’s season.

That being said, we are on to Boston. We knew this was coming all year long as the Yankees and Red Sox lit up the league all year and the only problem is that we don’t get a 7 game series. I’m not a guy who says that I want to play the best teams but in this case, I want Boston. Beating Boston is the greatest feeling in the world. Aaron Boone’s game 7 homerun was the highlight of my childhood and the Red Sox coming back from 3-0 and getting a World Series was the lowest moment. This series will not be easy but if we’re ready to win a World Series then we’re ready to smack Boston. I am unbelievably excited for Friday night. Let’s get it on. We want Boston. Y’all don’t want us. Win it #forStephen.

- Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

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