Well, the New York Islanders have released their alternate jersey for the 2018-19 season. And the overall reaction around the island is a resounding…meh. It’s safe. But is it too safe? Let’s face it, there wasn’t a lot of risk taken here. And maybe that’s a good thing. Overall it’s positive, just not very exciting. Really what the fans care about is winning.

According to multiple sources, Barry Trotz has told reporters that Lou Lamoriello has been working the phones hard to find a trade. Whether it is to find a #2 center or to find a true top 4 d-man, it sounds positive. Why should Lou be satisfied with the roster he has? Losing Tavares and then signing 3rd and 4th line players to add “Grit” seemed like the moves of someone panicking.

But consider this: the Islanders had a positive record over the preseason. I know, I know, “It’s the preseason! It doesn’t matter!” I disagree. This is probably the closest I’ve ever followed a preseason due to the massive changes behind the bench and in the back office. Trotz’s system is already working wonders. The Islanders have held their opponents to less than 30 shots on goal for nearly every game so far. Considering the abomination of a defense last year, allowing 45+ shots every night, it’s gives them a better shot of taking a lead, holding a lead and the goalies making better saves.

Both Greiss and Lehner have praised the team’s newfound structure. That’s right, structure. A rare word to use how this team has looked in recent years. But I think there are a lot of positives to look forward to this year.

So now I ask you: Who would you want Lou to trade for? A #2 Center? Or a true top 4 d-man?

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