The Giants are coming off of a rough loss to what we believe is still a very good team in the Jacksonville Jaguars. But now it’s on to Dallas week. We get to play on Sunday night which is nothing new because everyone wants to watch America’s team… the New York Giants. I’m fired, you’re fired up, and I bet Cris Collinsworth is fired up.



The Cowboys is trash on offense and we all know it which means we have to ball out on defense especially with Vernon expected to play. Dak has no weapons besides Zeke and their offensive line is sketchy with Frederick (Center) and Smith (Left Tackle) out for the game. I’ve been saying since the beginning that Dak will not pan out and credit to me, I was right. Our defense did a good job from letting Jacksonville do anything although their offense isn’t anything special either. (Blake Bortles was my QB for our Florida East-West all star game in high school so I’m partly to credit for his career.) I think Dallas and Jacksonville are extremely similar offenses with the exception that Jason Garrett play calls like they’re offense is good still which is why he’ll be fired this year. So defensively, we are good to go.


We had a built in excuse last week of “well we played the best defense in football” which is true, but I also don’t think championship teams make excuses. Dallas has a better defense than people give them credit for but with all the weapons we have, the Giants must smoke them all day. If we’re the dynamic offense that we’ve heard about all offseason, then Shurmur needs to blow these cats out of the water. I expect Eli to ball out and if he doesn’t I’ll be worried.
If the Giants don’t smack the crap out of Dallas, I’ll buy a pair of monarchs and burn them. That’s called confidence folks and it’s what I’m made of. So let’s show our NFC East rival that is 1,000 miles away from the east coast how it’s done. Go BIG BLUE!

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