By Bobby Skinner

Before I start to talk about this, let me let you know that I know that the Jaguars defensive line is the best in the game and we didn’t give the guy much help which I didn’t like from Pat Shurmur. I think we should’ve kept our backs in much more to help chip Calais Campbell.

With that being said, Erick Flowers played horribly yesterday, and not just physically but more so mentally.

Lets just start with his missed block against Calais Campbell where Myles Jack had the pick-6. Campbell didn’t just run by or over power Flowers. Flowers started with an inside step for some reason and by time he got into his back slide, Campbell had already beat him. I highly doubt the Giants had a protection set for Flowers to block the inside with no man there and let Campbell go straight at Eli.

I’ve heard people say he was misunderstood in this tweet but with the timeline of Flowers, I just don’t buy it. I honestly think the guy just doesn’t prepare like he should.

When we drafted Flowers, he was raw and people said he needed time and he’s had nothing but time. He has one of the worst attitudes I’ve ever seen in a guy that has proven absolutely nothing. Last year, he was sent home before the last game because his attitude was so bad and he was not taking the end of the season serious. He is a lot to blame for last season as well.

So the Giants go out and sign Nate Solder who is a 2x super bowl champion Left Tackle. Obviously, Flowers was set to move to right tackle but Flowers was offended. How can you be offended when you’ve been consistently horrible and now you have a new head coach and GM who are actually giving you a chance to have a resurgence at another position? He should be thankful that he wasn’t traded for a 7th round pick to the Buffalo Bills which is what most new GM’s and coaches would do with a guy that is that bad and has a horrible attitude.

So in conclusion, I’m not saying the Giants need to get somebody off the street but I will say that I’m an extremely patient fan and a “don’t bash a guy you don’t know” person because of my playing days and relationships with some of the NFL guys and I am fed up with Flowers’ pissy attitude,performance, and preparation. You see what I did there? The 3 P’s!!!!


P.S. Catch the latest episode of Simple Man Radio with Giants fullback Shane Smith. He does not suck. He is good.

Photo: Andrew Mill/NJ Advance Media

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