By Bobby Skinner

20-15. Tom Coughlins last year as the Giants head coach and the s ore of the game today where Tom’s Jaguars took us down today.

I’m upset we lost this game but I also have a mixed emotions on this game. I’m not overly mad. OBJ looks amazing and Saquon had that long run which is what people call “pretty sweet.”

At the end of the day, our weakness is what we already knew it was. The right side of the offensive line struggled, but to be fair it was against the best D-Line in the league in Jacksonville. We also had a chance at 6 when Eli missed a wide open Odell in the end zone. We can’t lose these games going forward, but this team doesn’t look like last years team. So let me give some grades because I’m obviously qualified to do so.

Pat Shurmur: C- the offense was extremely conservative and we didn’t give the right side of the O-line much help.

Eli: C- not many mistakes but also extremely conservative and missed OBJ for a touchdown

OBJ: A Odell came to play and didn’t let Ramsey talk. Odell is back and at his best!

Saquon: B+ The long run was great and had a great play on the screen but nothing else really wowed me.

Defense: B+ The defense did their job today and you can definitely tell that we’ll be a bend don’t break defense especially with Vernon out.

P.S. Catch the latest episode of Simple Man Radio with Giants fullback Shane Smith. He got an A+ today

Photo: Bill Kostroub/AP

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